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Robot Arms

Billington Safety Systems are the sole UK Distributor for Robot System Products who are based in Sweden, we have been working closely with them now for a number of years.

RSP supplies a wide variety of products for the robotics industry, the peripherals dress your robot for work, and with most of the items bolting directly to your robot they are very simple and cost-effective, whilst offering high quality, flexibility and functionality. The tool changers are designed to maximize the flexibility and reliability of your robot fleet. Robustness and high safety are combined with low weight and compactness. Depending on the model and options, electrical signals, weld and servo power, data, water and compressed air are transferred from the robot side to the tool.

The patented locking device TrueConnect™ has a minimum of play and gives a practical, through the lifespan, absolute positioning repeatability. Its unique design doesn’t require exact positioning when docking with different tools. The principle behind the locking mechanism is the uniform distribution of load, obtained by pressing looking balls into spherical grooves. In consequence, substantially larger positional tolerances are accepted during docking. The wide range of products we supply is available for all major robot brands and comes with complete documentation.

What Are Robotic Arms Used For?

Robotic arms have many different uses. They are commonly used in manufacturing and industrial settings to perform tasks that are either too difficult or too dangerous for humans. For example, they can be used to weld delicate parts together or to lift heavy objects.

Robotic arms are also used in medicine. They can be used to assist surgeons in performing delicate operations or to help rehabilitate patients who have lost the use of their own arms.

In addition, robotic arms are used in scientific research and space exploration. They can be used to perform experiments or to operate remotely controlled vehicles.

Our Robotic Arms

We have a range of highly flexible robotic arms that are designed for use in a variety of different settings. Our robotic arms can be used for welding, lifting, measuring, and much more.

Our robotic arms are made from high-quality materials and components, and they are built to last. We offer a variety of different models to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Industrial robot arms are on the rise in businesses such as manufacturing and warehousing and within years, they have the power to replace jobs in a few years.