What Jobs Will Disappear by 2050?

By 2050, the whole world is expected to experience a vast advancement in technology and AI (artificial intelligence). This could mean that jobs that require human interaction may disappear whilst new jobs will arise for humans.

As we progress further to the year 2050, more and more jobs are becoming at risk due to technological advancements and robotics.

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Taxi Drivers

Taxi driver jobs may come to end due to future advancements in technology. With self-driving cars already on the road in some countries around the world, it may not be long before taxi drivers are replaced with automated, self-driving cars.

Truck Drivers

As well as taxi drivers, truck drivers could also be at risk due to self-driving vehicles and AI advancements. Because of these advancements, truck drivers could vanish altogether.


While self-flying planes may seem like something in the distant future, most planes nowadays are fitted with an autopilot feature and newer planes are being fitted with automatic landings due to autopilot. By 2050, it could mean pilots are no longer needed.

Bus Drivers

Just like with the other public transport sectors, bus drivers could no longer be needed by 2050. This again would be due to self-driving vehicles becoming more and more common.

Parking Enforcement

In other sectors, parking enforcement could also disappear by the year 2050. Most car parks and car park garages are already automated by barriers and advanced CCTV cameras. These technologies monitor car reg plates and notice how long they are parked and if they are parked legally. Soon, these technologies may be used on most side roads and smaller car parks meaning traffic officers are no longer needed.


Companies like Amazon and Tesco, are already trialling stores with no cashiers. In Central London, Tesco has opened a store where you just walk in and walk out with your products. These stores use the most advanced technology when it comes to shopping.

They work in bespoke ways. For example, the Amazon Go stores work by using cameras and sensors to monitor your movements and take account of what you pick up.

Fast Food Worker

As we progress further to the year 2050, it is likely that fast-food workers will be replaced by robots. With the advancements in technology and robotics, it will be easier for companies to have machines cook and prepare food. This means that humans will no longer be needed in the fast-food industry.

New Jobs Will Arise

While some jobs may disappear by the year 2050, it is also likely that new jobs will arise. Some of these new jobs may include:

Robot Maintenance Engineer: With the rise of robotics, there will be a need for someone to maintain and repair these robots. This job will require knowledge in robotics as well as repairing machinery.

Data Analyst: As we move further into the digital age, there will be a greater need for people who can analyse and make sense of data. This job will require someone who is skilled in maths and statistics.

Cyber Security Expert: With more and more people using the internet and with advancements in technology, the need for cyber security experts will continue to grow. This job will require someone who is skilled in hacking and computer security.

Virtual Reality Designer: As virtual reality becomes more popular, there will be a need for people who can create and design virtual reality experiences. This job will require someone with experience in 3D modelling and animation.


Technology has been advancing at a rapid pace and more jobs are becoming obsolete. With the rise of self-driving cars, it is likely that public transport operators will vanish by 2050. This also applies to truckers who could be replaced with automated trucks or AI advancements in technology. In other sectors like fast food service, robot workers may replace humans. However, with the rise of new technologies, new jobs will also emerge. These may include robot maintenance engineers, data analysts, cyber security experts and virtual reality designers. As we move further into the future, it is important to be prepared for these changes and to be open to new opportunities. Contact us today for information on our robotic products.



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