Hose Packages

The RSP Hose packages mount directly to the side of the robot and simplifies the installation of hoses and cables in your robot application. The hose packages work together with RSP swivels, the upper arm hose package design allows the robot to move freely and with controlled force to the application hoses and cables. The hoses and cables run inside the hose package and uses proven technology to ensure that the hoses and cables obtain an extended lifetime, whilst being protected from the production process.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Proven technology
  • Modular design
  • Bundles and protects hoses and cables
  • Reduces downtime
  • Large variety to choose from

Robotic Hose Packages

A robot arm package is a component used by mechanical engineers in either robotics or machine. The package consists of a manipulator, which moves between two axes of motion, and an end-effector.

The end-effector, meanwhile, consists of the part that is responsible for carrying out movement or doing operations with it. It can often be either end of the arm like the gripper or the wrist.

The package is usually made up of 5 parts: the base, the arm, the wrist, and two hands. Although there are several types of robot arm packages available in the market, there are three main types: the serial robot arm, the parallel robot arm, and the SCARA.

A robotic arm package is a type of mechanism that consists of different parts. These are often used in robotics or manufacturing.

The package essentially consists of two main segments: an arm appliance that moves between two axes of motion and an end effector that is responsible for doing any operation or movement with the instrument. Meanwhile, the appliance itself is made up of five parts: a base, an arm, a wrist and two hands.