Tool Changers

What are Robot Tool Changers?

For any production line to function adequately, each worker should have specific tools to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently. These specialised tool changers can handle a variety of tasks. In fact, a single worker can use different tools within the same production line. What happens for a single task, is a worker picks up one tool, does what he needs to do. Then he/ she sets it down to pick up another tool to continue with the rest of the task at hand. However, with robotic automation, the same process can be completed seamlessly. Moreover, you can spend less time on each task.

Yet, for your robot to fully function across your production line, it requires a few essential components. Such components are tool changers. You can mount your tool changer on various types of robots. For instance, our tool changers are not only powerfully designed to match your needs, but they have a load capacity that can go up to 1250 kg. This means that they can manage various tasks on your production line without compromising on reliability and safety.

There are different models that you can choose from. Depending on the type that you choose, you can be supplied with various power sources from electrical signals to compressed air. Additionally, these are easily transferable from your robot to your tools.

The fact of the matter is that you’re looking for tool changers that should improve your productivity. This is why you should consider our wide range because they maintain continuous operations. The great thing is that they come with cutting-edge features that should benefit your production line. These following are some of these features:

  • Patented locking mechanism
  • Fast locking in less than 0.3 seconds
  • Robust design
  • Adaptability
  • 3-D models for robots that are for CAD systems
As well as the automatic tool changers Robotic System Products also offers manual quick tool changers, MQC, to facilitate easy and quick mounting, dismounting, and remounting of larger tools by hand. They have been optimized with respect to weight, compactness, and robustness.

Benefits of Tool Changers

The thing is, the automation of your tasks offers you a great deal of convenience. In addition, it’s one of the easiest ways to reduce the overall time that you spend on your production line without affecting your precision or quality. Besides, the amount of time that you spend manually run your production line can be spent on other important tasks.

This is why you should opt for our tool changers to handle changing your tools quickly, effectively, and without the assistance of a manual operator. The only human involvement that you need is to program your tool changers. As a result, there’s less time than you spend on fixing any human error.

The main benefit of choosing our tool changers is that they ensure increased efficiency while improving your production quality. But choosing your tool changers from our wide range of Robot System products should provide you with these additional benefits.

  1. You can switch between your larger tools quickly without a manual operator.
  2. It reduces your labour costs.
  3. It helps to reduce your downtime while increasing your total production time.
  4. It increases the safety of your employees.
  5. The appropriate tooling process helps you to increase your edge finish.

Different Types of Tool Changers

For all your tool changer needs, you should contact us at Robot System Products to view our wide range of products. Call 01709-873903, today.

Common Questions

These FAQs are designed to offer clarity and insights into the capabilities and features of the mentioned robotic tool changers.

The Compact tool changer offers a blend of space-saving design and robust performance. With integral signal transmission, it ensures seamless communication between the tool and the robot. Additionally, its high payload capacity allows it to handle substantial weights, making it apt for demanding industrial applications.

The Manual tool changer is designed with a user-friendly approach. Its self-centring design guarantees perfect alignment, while the bolt-on attachment makes it quick and straightforward to fasten, mount, or dismount. 

It’s especially suitable for tasks requiring frequent tool changes without the hassle of intricate mechanisms.

Absolutely! The Modular tool changer stands out for its customisability. It can be easily adjusted and adapted based on specific operational requirements.

Furthermore, its ability to transmit external signals ensures it aligns perfectly with the robot’s tasks.

The Moduflex tool changer is tailored for high torque applications. With a whopping payload capacity of up to 1250kg, it’s built to withstand strenuous tasks and can be customised to match specific high torque application demands.

The ID tool changer is primarily designed and optimised for hollow wrist robots. Its plug-and-play nature and ability to receive internal signals make it a perfect fit for these robots, ensuring precision and adaptability.

The Moduflex tool changer boasts a higher payload capacity of up to 1250kg, compared to the Compact tool changer’s 1000kg. This makes Moduflex more suitable for operations that demand a higher weight handling capacity.

Robotic tool changers are equipped with multiple safety features. For instance, many have multiple locking systems for redundancy, emergency release mechanisms to ‘drop’ tools in potentially hazardous situations, and error detection systems to identify and communicate any tool connection issues.

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