CiRo a new product which RSP have released helps with cable and hose management which is often the main factor limiting robot movement, this issue can frequently cause unpredictable production stops. At the same time, there is significant demand for a compact cell layout and flexible production. CiRo is a cost-effective solution to achieve the flexibility through internal cabling. Hoses and cables for air, signals and power can be selected according to the requirements of the application. Axis 6 can rotate with extended movement and freedom.

  • Up to ± 250° rotation
  • Cables and hoses can be selected freely to suit any application
  • Extended hose package lifetime
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High reliability

How Do they Work?

The CiRo robot arm kit provides a cost-effective solution for managing cables and hoses, without the need for expensive modifications to the production cell or workshop. 

The kit includes an aluminium extrusion kit, two adjustable cable brackets, cable spool holder, safety guard clamping kit, cable ties and cable clips. Combined with internal cabling it creates a neat cable system which will help you keep your production line running efficiently.

Is it Cost Effective

The CiRo is also cost effective, which is a perk for any business. The CiRo can rotate with its extended motion to make it useful in production cells with limited space.

The extension of the motion then allows for full use of the production cell without any concerns about range.

Why should you use CiRO for your application

Ciro is a cost-effective solution which has been designed to be a flexible and versatile tool for a variety of applications.

It can be used to create small work cells with the robot, without the need of major structural changes due to its 360 degree rotating capability. CiRo can help with cable and hose management, which will limit the movement of the robot.

Where can I buy one of these units from?

Ciro is a new product that has been designed to help with cable and hose management. This is very important in manufacturing because it limits the movement of the robot. Ciro will eliminate excess running lines and hoses, which can cause issues with robots.

CiRO will be able to rotate 360 degrees, which means that you can create small work cells for robots without major structural changes being needed.

You can purchase CiRO from any manufacturer that sells them, or RSP if you are interested in their other products too.

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