Robot Grippers

Robot Grippers are designed and manufactured for all kinds of applications, but these are tailored to the customers needs. RSP and Billington Safety Systems work in partnership to supply the Omil Gripper range here in the UK. The Omil Gripper Range have been designed to work in partnership with and alongside RSP’s range of Products, to deliver a complete solution to our customers.

We Offer:

  •  Two finger parallel grippers
  •  Parallel long stroke grippers
  •  Three finger grippers


  • Protective covers
  • Finger blanks
  • Open/Close sensors
  • Grip force retainer

Robot Grippers

Your robot should be able to pick up and hold different objects, though unfortunately sometimes it can be difficult to pick up certain things. This is why a combination of tools can help to effectively automate this process. You can use our grippers for every kind of application and as such, they come with two parallel fingers and long strokes to improve usability. Our three-fingered grippers can also offer assembly abilities and machine tending among various tasks.

Advantages of Robot Grippers

What is a Robot Gripper?

In short, robotic grippers are attachments that connect onto robot arms that enable those robots to pick up and hold objects. These attachments, when connected to an industrial robot arm, then allow manufacturers to automate key processes, such as inspection, picking & packing, mass assembly and even machine tending.

These robot grippers are usually considered similar to a human hand; as they are positioned at the end of a robotic arm which then allows them to combine dexterity and precision to navigate a range of tasks, from handling materials to stacking boxes or placing delicate electronic components on a circuit board.