Robot Tool Changers

Are you looking for efficiency in industrial robotics? Look no further than Robot System Products, a company committed to finding solutions to unique challenges in industrial robotics. The company has combined hundreds of years of knowledge so that you are guaranteed to get field-proven and tested robotic systems. You can now improve efficiency in your work logistics, flexibility, and functionality with cost-effective, long-lasting automated peripheral product solutions.

One of the latest robot models and advances and at the forefront of innovation is the automatic tool changer. The automatic tool changer comprises a robot adaptor attached to the robot side and a tool adaptor attached to the tool side. The automatic tool changer makes a robot multifunctional with its ability to change tools automatically.

The automatic tool changer products include the:

The different products are aimed at offering adaptability. The robot system products aim at providing high-quality functionality and flexibility. Thus, the tool changers’ designs are geared towards reliability.


Maximum Safety Guaranteed

The Robot System Products is dedicated to guaranteeing you safety alongside efficient products. It sets out to address one of the most critical concerns in the industrial robotics field. All this is incorporated in the designs to offer protection to both your work and your employees. For instance, it is possible to constantly maintain a chuck state and prevent tool hooking through design work.

The middle automatic tool changer employs a cam mechanism for chuck and un-chuck operations. When air flows from the pneumatic chuck-port, the piston ascends, and the cam engages with the lock parts for coupling. When air flows from the pneumatic un-chuck port, the piston descends, and the cam is released. Any tool hooking accident is prevented as they are mechanically separated. Additionally, the chuck state is maintained even in unexpected incidences such as air tubes breakage. The chuck state is maintained by the fail spring to prevent the falling off of the tool adapter,

Enjoy the Long Lifespan

Another critical point is the longevity of the product’s life span. The Robot System Products incorporate in their designs technologies to maintain functionality for a long time, for instance, the unique cam design. Any cam used will be worn over time. However, due to its unique design, the cam may be used safely for a long time, even after being worn.

Easy To Maintain

Furthermore, the automatic tool changer is easy to maintain. Industrial robots require a high level of maintenance, and often the intervals are quick. It is therefore crucial that you get an easy time when conducting your maintenance routines. Notably, for disengagement, there is no need for disengagement from the tool for the replacement of the tool adapter lock parts. Thus, maintenance is easy.

The industrial robotics field is filled with formally trained professionals who understand all mechanisms involved in the trade. However, there can be products overly complicated. Robot System Products steers away from such designs. To further simplify the experience, all the products come with complete documentation. Furthermore, the products are built to keep up with modern standards. The automatic tool changer is designed with compactness in mind. The final result is a well-compacted structure with high functionality but with low weight.

The Robot System Products is at the forefront of industrial robotics innovation. Intending to provide high-quality functionality and flexibility, the automatic tool changer can automatically change tools. Apart from its functionality, you will also benefit from its long lifespan, safety measures, and easy maintenance. Last but not least, you can get professional help from Robot System Products experts besides product documentation such as manuals to ensure you get it right. The future of robotic engineering is here, so contact us today with any questions you might have.



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