CIRO XL Product Launch

To increase the robot flexibility without having to risk damaging cables and hoses was the challenge that made Robot System Products develop CiRo. The goal was to create a cost-efficient solution that allowed for greater robot mobility and keeping a compact design. Since the launch on 2018, CiRo has been a well appreciated robot accessory around the world.

As usage spread, the demand for a larger version of CiRo came with it. As a result of this, we are today proud to present CiRo XL. As a complement to the models S, M, MHD and L this larger model is now available for robots with payload up to 200 kg or 440 lb. Which is twice the value compared to the previous model L.

Just like the previous models CiRo XL allows for a rotation on robot axis 6 for up to 500°. Thanks to the patented design, this is possible without letting cables and hoses limit this rotation. A relatively simple solution is obtained that counteracts any unpredictable production stops and minimizes the need of maintenance. CiRo may also be combined with Robot System Products hose packages, to further streamline the dressing of the robot. CiRo XL is launched now in June and will be delivered from August.



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